Designing at the macro scale of Urban Design and delivering functional, practical masterplanning is critical when looking at large scale projects. 

We have applied our knowledge and passion for large scale urban design on a number of projects as a primary or secondary objective - primary being projects requiring city-level planning and design, and secondary being large scale projects which inevitably require street layouts, public infrastructure.


We use Urban Design to analyse the requirements, opportunities & constraints on a site. 

By understanding the sites climatic, social, economical, environmental and political conditions we can better inform the opportunities of the site and unlock its potential. 


Our knowledge and experience in this field allows us to improve the site efficiency in masterplanning, feasibility studies and site analysis. We can allow for better designs for both the current and future conditions of the site and its surrounding context.


No site is isolated from its context. The macro (global or national impacts such as climate, political and economical factors) and the micro (local neighborhood such as environmental and social factors) inform the major constraining factors on the site.