Rocks Precinct, NSW

Mixed Use Precinct

The masterplan for North Rocks was developed for a planning proposal to understand the built form of an uplift in development constraints across the site.

The site was originally limited to an 8.5m height limit, however after numerous discussions with council and various stakeholders, a limit of 45m was accepted across the site.

Thorough urban analysis and urban design was undertaken to ensure that the built form responded well to the potentials of the site. Larger buildings dominate the centre of the precinct, with a central square and ground level retail adjacent to the soccer field activating the public realm.

The built forms steps down at the edges of the site to respect the surrounding context, which is predominantly low density residential.

The masterplan includes residential apartments, terrace houses, aged care and independent living accomodation, retail and commercial spaces, wide streets lined with trees, a public square and a soccer/football field.

This project was completed by Ian Mann whilst working at Fender Katsalidis.