Newcastle Wests

Mid Rise Mixed Use 

Located in the centre of Newcastle, the Newcastle Wests buildings form a mixed-use precinct incorporating two mid-rise towers with Serviced Apartments, Residential Apartments, Aged Care and Independent Living units. 

The gound plane is activated by two through-site links lined with retail spaces and alfresco dining. The streetscape, through-site links, terraces and rooftops have all been carefully designed by the landscape architects to offer an exciting and engaging public realm. Communal facilities for residents vary for each use, and include swimming pools, bars, lounge areas and common rooms. Separate lifts are used by each type of accomodation to define the spaces and allow ground level lobbies to be dedicated to one of each use. 

The podium facade has been designed to ground the built form, with a mix of local sandstone and pre-cast concrete elements offering solidity whilst increasing privacy to the accomodation through reduced window size. The glazed towers above podium are lightweight in appearance to soften the built form against the lower surrounding context. External louvres have been designed with ecotect to reduce solar heat gains but maximise views across the city and the harbour. 

Recessed balconies are designed to articulate the glazed towers, whilst landscaping is used on the facade to bring life and greenery to the residents and building.

In completing this project to-date I have run a team of four architects from Fender Katsalidis, as well as coordinating the client group and consultants through all stages of the design.

Being a key site in Newcastle, the project  required a “design Excellence Competition Waiver” from the NSW Government Architects office. This process involved instense negotiations with the planner and Government Architects office, with the requirement of a design competition successfully waived due to the excellence of the proposed scheme.


The project is ongoing, with documentation scheduled to be completed in November 2021.


Ian Mann was the leader of the project team to deliver Newcastle Wests whilst working at Fender Katsalidis Australia in Sydney.