House # 3


The third project under Future Thoughts, House # 3 called for a luxury private villa in the outskirts of Phnom Penh. The design is for a newly married couple looking to start their family, so must accommodate for children and growth. The clients wanted a house which had a strong connection with the landscape, a carefully designed Japanese inspired garden, and passive climate control to manage the standard 34oC days with high humidity and torrential rainfall during the wet season.


The design response was for a collection of spaces connected with covered walkways. Each room is separated entirely so the occupants must walk outside, into the landscaped spaces, to enter in to another room.All rooms have operable windows for natural ventilation and shade screens to limit direct sunlight and provide for additional privacy.The design also considered a tight budget of USD$150,000, and allowed for an unskilled work force. The basic material pallette of off-form concrete,timber and steel accompanied by simple details and joinery should allow the project to be easily realized in 2020.