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Factory, Phnom Penh

Virtual Art Exhibition



FT Gallery team is proud to present their new group exhibition curated by FONKi entitled “FT SANCTUARY”.

For the official launch of their new headquarters as well as a celebration of Factory Phnom Penh’s three years anniversary of mural program, the #FTclan brings a mix of 14 artists - internationals & of Khmer origins. These artists have been spreading colours on walls across the Kingdom of Wonder over the past decade, raising the stock of the blossoming local street art scene.

Despite our movements across the world being restrained since COVID-19, “FT SANCTUARY” will make you travel through art, with visual flavours brought from all over the world by street-artists who have been influenced by their trips in Cambodia and the region.

A selection of artwork will be auctioned to fundraise for the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap. The sale’s revenue will be shared evenly between the artists and the hospital, with some artists offering to donate 100% of the sale. This effort is a collaboration between the artists from FT Gallery & Studio and Friends Without A Border Organization.


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BONNARD (Canada)
BRYAN BEYUNG (Canada/Cambodia/China)
FONKi (Cambodia/Canada/France)
IMAGINE ( Nepal)
MAUY (Thailand)
MAYLEE KEO (Canada/Cambodia)
MONK.E (Canada)
SBU ONE (Canada/France)
THEO VALLIER ( France/Cambodia)
TWOONE (Japan)
YIP YEW CHONG (Singapore)
YOK & SHERYO ( Singapore/Australia)


FT Gallery & Studio is Cambodia’s first contemporary urban art gallery & street art, mural production company.

Located in Phnom Penh Cambodia,FT focuses on the Khmer Renaissance movement by showcasing international and Cambodia’s finest artists influenced primarily by urban street art, graffiti and Asian culture.

Our mission is to support new Cambodian talent as well as nurturing Phnom Penh’s international reputation as a vibrant cultural hub in SouthEast Asia. FT is a platform in constant evolution, built with the desire to create bridges between the past and future of traditional Khmer culture and the international arts scene.

FT is partnering with Factory Phnom Penh to run the Art Space and “Anyone in Residence”(AiR) project. The AiR project is designed for artists, creatives and technology professionals to enjoy short-term access to the ArtSpace facilities and community.

With 2,200 square meters of gallery, event and studio space, FT & the Factory ArtSpace leaves a lot of room for inspiration - both figuratively and literally. FT is bringing a fresh space and a creative anchor for arts in the Kingdom of Wonder and the burgeoning art scene in SouthEast Asia.


Founded in 2005 by Khmer/Canadian/French artist FONKi, FT began in Montreal Canada as a graffiti Family Tightly built crew. In 2012, alongside his Filmmaker Team, FONKi went to Cambodia to paint and document the beginning of the Khmer Renaissance era through their winning awards documentary film entitled The Roots Remain. This was the beginning of FT productions through the development of Cambodian street art, murals, videos/film/web-series, artists residencies, art workshops and curation of group exhibitions in the Kingdom over the years.

Now since 2020, FT PRODUCTIONS have established its new permanent headquarter with FT GALLERY curated by FONKi & Tatiana Kustikova as well as FONKi & Theo Vallier’s FT STUDIO space at Factory Phnom Penh. Based on Family Traditions values, FT is aiming to Feature Talent from all over the globe, alongside fellow artists who have the desire to come to Cambodia and contribute to the Khmer Renaissance through culture and art.

45 Years after the Khmer Rouge genocide - killing 1 to 3 millions of cambodians and 90% of its artists and intellectuals - the FT crew became a clan driven by the will of contributing to the return of the 3rd Cambodian Golden era, like we saw back in the 60’s and the glorious Angkorian period.


A charity auction for the event can be found at the following link:

Proceeds for the auction will go to the following nominated charities:

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Andrew Hem

Raised as the child of Cambodian immigrants in Los Angeles, Andrew Hem’s illustrative paintings bridge disparate aesthetic influences as well as cultural touchstones and sensibilities. Hem’s paintings typically highlight an individual within a group of figures, homing in on the one person who is often somberly staring out from the canvas. Using a cool palette in which the colors do not quite match up with the real world, the artist creates somber moods in illusionistic spaces set at a remove from reality. Although his color scheme—with its supernatural rendering of the natural world—elicits comparisons to impressionism, Hem also echoes graffiti art based on his straightforward and illustrative rendering of figures and space, as well as allusions to street culture, art, and fashion.

Andrew Hem.jpg



Born in Sherbrooke in 1990, Olivier Bonnard is surrealist painter based in Montreal. He creates his own mythology, dark and captivating, his own twisted deities, rulers and underdogs, inviting the viewer to wander around and discover his excellent realms of rich and unlimited imagination. Since 2012, Bonnard has been working on artistic projects in Cambodia, Mexico, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, and London.


Beyung was born in Montreal, among a Chinese-Cambodian refugee family. Trained in graphic design, Beyung is aware of the infinite possibilities digital technologies have to offer, he remains careful concerning their aesthetics, preferring intuitive methods allowing for a more abstract picturing, raw lines and deliberate imperfections – an influence taking roots in its past as a graffiti artist. Between figurative and abstract art, he creates dynamic compositions where he deconstructs forms to give a second approach to an image, an idea, a memory. His works can be seen in the United States, Canada, Haiti, Spain and Cambodia.




FONKi is a Cambodian artist who grew up in Montreal and was born in 1990 in Paris. In 2005, he discovered graffiti, co-founded the FT crew and began painting. His triple identity, accompanied by the universal language of art, makes him discover the world.

Now curator and owner of FT Gallery & Studio in Phnom Penh, FONKi uses his Art as ambassador of Khmer culture, as a tool to create bridges across the world and to forge links with the different communities where he paints.


IMAGINE (aka Sneha Shrestha) is a Nepali artist who paints mindful mantras in her native language and meshes Sanskrit scriptures’ aesthetics with graffiti influences. Being the first to mesh Nepali Alphabets with American graffiti, she has shown her work in several exhibitions, commissioned works and public walls worldwide from Boston to Kathmandu. Her show “Mindful Mandalas” was recently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Imagine (Sneha Shrestha).jpg



Piyasak Khiaosaard aka Mauy was born in Thailand on Feb 28th, 1985. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in the painting division at Chaingmai University. He embarked on street art in 2014 after his exposure to graffiti culture for the first time during his trip to Europe. His universe is a playful world of animals and nature rendered in a cartoonish funky Mauy’s way. 


Maylee Keo is a khmer illustrator and 2D animator from Montreal. You can recognize her colourful work inspired by nature, where it has been seen either locally, nationwide or internationally. She doesn’t hesitate defending what is important for her such as representation for minorities in our society and important causes which leads her to create strong, moving and remarkable work.



Monk E.jpg

One of the iconic figures of the hip hop culture in Québec, Monk-E is known for his prose and urban painting. Since his beginnings in the world of graffiti and music with the K6A collective, Monk-E knows how to impose his artistic vision, independently of the industry requirements.

Olivier Rielland

The artistic research work of Olivier Rielland (1988, Beaconsfield, Canada) revolves around a gesture freely inspired by the Japanese ideogram, with the sometimes fast, sometimes slow movement of the brush. Without the absolute obligation to identify a shape, he explores the secrets of the multiple blacks of ink on different types of medium. His general creative process being rather intuitive, he has been inspired for several years in his travels. It is particularly in Japan and Cambodia that he will be more inspired in his gestures and lines.

Olivier Rielland.jpg


Sbu One.jpg

Originally from France, Sbuone moved to Montreal in 2003. Influenced by all the art and nature he could see around him, he began to draw fiercely since a young age and never stopped. As an artist he  continues to pursue his personal creative path, by  drawing, painting walls and more recently tattooing.

Highly influenced by ancient art and symbols of the collective unconscious, he’s exploring through his unique style, representation of his feeling of a place, a time.

His aesthetic is made of organic floating shapes, three eyes animals and animistic rituals.

Theo Vallier

Working in multiple media and continues to experiment with different techniques like graphic design, street art, silk-screen printing, etc.

Théo VALLIER develops a pictorial practice on rusted metal sheets, in order to rediscover materials and aesthetics which are naturally present in the contemporary urban universe. His work expresses a particular perception of the urban world and wants to repeal impermanence of everything and of any shape, push the public into being absorbed by the piece and to become closer to the matter. He rediscovers in the streets a singular material, rust, coming from erosion and time passing. This is the reason why the rusted metal sheet has been chosen as a support, with the ideas to work it like a living material support. This work is made from his own pictures of Phnom Penh city, taken years after years, and transcribes a singular vision of the city as a whole by unifying a material, a color and a pictorial style. The images consist of different layers that, once superimposed, create the depth. The first is the support itself, the metal, its organic matter and its oxidation. White paint, in successive layers, partially masks the rust which, time doing its work, attacks the painting, which itself, covers the rust again, so on ... Interaction between human and nature through matter.

Theo Vallier.jpg



Hiroyasu Tsuri (釣 博泰 Tsuri Hiroyasu, Born 26 February 1985 in Yokohama, Japan) is a contemporary artist, His work consists of painting, sculpture, installation, performance art and sound. Hiroyasu moved between Australia and Germany, and has done a lot of street murals, and he also has experimented with materials and mediums and pushed his art to new levels.

Yip Yew Chong

Yip Yew Chong, a Singaporean self-taught Artist, has painted over 70 street murals since 2015 when he started dabbling in art while holding a full-time Accounting job. In mid 2018, he left his 25 years accounting career to become an artist. He currently practises street murals, canvas paintings, sketches, digital art and installations. The themes of his artworks often reflect scenes of local life, especially of a bygone era.

Yip Yew Chong.jpg

Yok & Sheryo

Yok & Sheryo.jpg

For over 10 years now, the visual art duo Yok (b. 1978 Australia) & Sheryo (b.1984 Singapore) has been living a nomadic lifestyle of travel and adventure.The result is a signature riotous and irreverent style, with “East meets West’’ sensibilities. A decade later, their practice soon shifted from large scale murals to paintings, ceramics, wood carvings and mixed media sculptures.

They currently call New York home, and have exhibited and painted in various institutions and galleries; National Museum (Singapore), Art Science Museum (Singapore), Gare St.Sauveur (France), Baandam Museum (Thailand), Moniker Art Fair (London), Coney Island Art Walls (USA) , Wynwood Walls (USA) curated by Jeffrey Deitch, “Magic City” (Munich, Dresden and Sweden) curated by Carlo McCormick and has also appeared in various international publications.